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I was born in Connecticut and later moved to Long Island, only to find myself back in Connecticut for boarding school where I spent most of my time buried in the library when I wasn't on the soccer field. I was always one of those kids that couldn't sit still, and played every sport under the sun other than maybe Curling.

Because who Curls?

      I discovered my obsession with art pretty early on and wanted to learn every medium possible. In college I studied Art and the Business of Film, which led me to my first internship at NBC. It was within this year that I realized I could make a career in media and forget about being the next Mia Hamm. I then began my second internship at MTV where I learned the ropes of production management.

After graduating from college I moved into an interesting apartment in the flower district that allowed me to setup a small space to create animations that I quickly uploaded to Vine when that was a thing. I then started working as a freelancer on a number of different productions and at a stop motion animation company where I got first hand experience as an animator wearing many hats.

I later began working under two female commercial directors who primarily directed table top shoots. I learned a lot during this time and decided to pursue art direction at a creative agency, and landed a role at Anomaly. Many years later, and I've now joined an in-house creative team at Square. 



I'm a morning person

99% of my closet is some shade of blue

My favorite movie is The Grand Budapest Hotel

I'll listen to anything other than country music

I'd always rather be at the beach


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