I was born in Connecticut and later moved to

Long Island, only to find myself back in Connecticut for boarding school where I spent most of my time buried in the library when I wasn't on the soccer field.

I was always one of those kids that couldn't sit still, and played every sport under the sun other than maybe Curling. Because who Curls?

      I discovered my obsession with art pretty early on and wanted to learn every medium possible.

In college I studied Art and the Business of Film, which led me to my first internship at NBC. It was within this year that I realized I could make a career in media and forget about being the next Mia Hamm.

After graduating from college I moved into a strange apartment in the flower district that allowed me to setup a small space to create animations that I quickly uploaded to Vine when that was a thing.


I now work at Anomaly as a Senior Art Director and spend time on the beach with family and friends whenever I'm not "working." 

Some facts about me:

99% of my closet is some shade of blue.

I've broken almost all of my toes.

I'm obsessed with watching Dateline.

I'll never understand why traffic is a thing.

I like humble people.

I 'd rather swim than walk.

I enjoy spending time in Montauk.


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Created by Lainey