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Square - Every side of your business

Our goal was to show new and current business owners that Square has tools that seamlessly connect together to help you run your business, all while saving you time and effort. Our team strategized and concepted a way to show this through the lens of a nail salon seller, lighting designer, and noodle seller, by using camera techniques that drive home the different "sides" of running a business.    






Our team was tasked with finding the ultimate multi-hyphenate seller, and showcasing how they use Square to power their business as it continue to grow. In the heart of Kingsville, Ontario we put the spotlight on The Grove - a unique business founded by Jennifer Flynn that uses Square POS, Square Register, Square Terminal and even Square Online to help their business thrive. Now, they're opening another location and branching out with their new ventures. We created a long-form testimonial to share the breathe of this story, as well as short-form awareness assets that would ladder up to a previous campaign under "Tick Bigger Boxes," all done for the Canadian market.      






Our team worked closely with Entropico to create a number of spots that each had a different focus & theme: switch to Square, flexible pricing, easy setup, and book 24/7 with Square for Beauty.    





Square Performance Streaming
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