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Captain Morgan - Navigating Tinder Like a Captain 

We partnered with Tinder to create a profile for The Captain himself to drive brand awareness. Rather than creating a forced brand promotion, we wanted to engage our Tinder users in a different way so we setup dating advice from Captain Matt. After a user swiped right, they were shown a direct message from The Captain. Fans loved it.   






In just 30 days active on Tinder, almost 3 million 21-24 year olds saw The Captain on Tinder, blowing all our expected metrics out of the park like a cannon ball out of a pirate ship. The Captain connected with this next generation of drinkers, both one-on-one and created cultural resonance, with strong earned media results, particularly via Reddit and Twitter.

We increased brand love by +37%, and delivered 5x expected increase on "is a brand that is always doing something fun and interesting", increasing this by 50%!



Shorty Award finalist (link here)


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