Orea Laboratorium 

Every year on Halloween, cookies are forgotten in favor of candy. We changed that, by creating adorable bite-sized horror videos set in a mad scientist-style "laboratorium" that produced cookie/candy "Nomsters."    





The five-day campaign generated more than 21 million impressions, including 4.3 million organic Twitter impressions, 260,000 video views and thousands of social shares.

Adweek Ad of The Day, Design Taxi, Digiday, Agency Spy, Campaign Live



Shorty Awards Silver


Set Design: Lori Nix, Kathleen Gerber, Nix & Gerber Studio

Client: Oreo

Art Director: Kelsie Kaufman

Executive Producer: Phil Pessaro

Producer: Ethan Brooks

Production Company: Dream Machine Creative

Director: Andrew Wonder, Lainey Dubinsky

Producer: Alon Simcha

Executive Producer: Dylan Steinberg

Director of Photography: Fletcher Wolfe

Character Fabrication: Dan Castelli, Castelli Models

Created by Lainey