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Panera - Behind The Counter

To reveal what goes into making the new Panera coffee blend, we went on an adventure to document

the hard work and extensive labor that goes into producing the perfect cup. We got up close and personal with the farmers, pickers, sorters, and logistical leaders to film the process in Costa Rica, at Hacienda La Minita during the harvesting season. We then forged on to Texas, where we captured the roasting process and headed to Boston, to show where it all ends up. 





Mac Made Better Campaign

How do you nationally launch Panera Mac & Cheese toppings? First, create a TV spot. Second, paint the town.

And third, design, manufacture and distribute a custom utensil that’s scientifically proven to

elevate the eating experience.    





Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.23.20 PM.png
Panera Salad Dressing

Clean Salad Dressing

In an effort to show the clean ingredients used in Panera salad dressings we created two stop-motion videos to highlight the simplicity of the recipe.






It's Ok To Crave // Cinemagraphs 







National Mac & Cheese Day  







Stop Motion - Social







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